The KOALA's, Kids Own Australian Literature Awards Inc. are annual awards made by young readers in the Australian State of New South Wales (NSW), to the Australian books they have most enjoyed reading during that year.

Students are invited to nominate their favourite Australian book; a shortlist of 30 titles (10 picture books, 10 titles for younger readers and 10 titles for older readers) is drawn up from the nominations.

Students then vote for their favourite shortlisted title. Winners are announced in the four categories Picture Book, Younger Readers and Older Readers and Fiction for Years 7 -9.

KOALA is a non-profit organisation run by volunteers (teacher/librarians, public librarians, teachers, publishers and other supporters of children’s literature). Wonderful work everyone. You can help support the the Koala's via their lovely Official KOALA Site.

winners of the 2010 Kids Own Australian Literature Awards (koalas)

Fearless | The Big Fat Cow That Goes Kapow | Battle for Rondo| Boy Overboard

Picture Book Fearless, Colin Thompson & Sarah Davis, (ABC Books)

Younger Readers Big Fat Cow That Goes Kapow, Andy Griffiths & Terry Denton, (Pan Macmillan)

Older Readers The Battle for Ronda, Emily Rodda, (Scholastic)

Fiction for Years 7-9 Boy Overboard, Morris Gleitzman (Penguin).

The winners of KOALA 2009

Picture Storybooks
Rex Winner - Rex - Ursula Dubosarsky & David Mackintosh

buy_from_fishpondRex, a tiny chameleon, is the class pet. Every day someone gets to take him home, along with a notebook for recording his adventures. How cool is that?
But what?s really cool about Rex?the book?is that those exploits are depicted as though each classmate has actually done the artwork. In the course of 32 pages, Rex manages to go for a swim, fall out of a window, and get dressed up as Malibu Barbie. And at the end, readers are encouraged to invent their own adventures with Rex. . . . How cool is that? More Are We There Yet?

Honour Books
Are We There Yet? Lester, Alison (Penguin) buy_from_fishpond- Join Grace and her family on a year of adventure as they hit the road;camping, experiencing, and meeting all the people and places that make up Australia. Based on author Alison Lester's real life travels. -

Jungle Drums By Graeme Base
Jungle DrumsLittle Ngiri is the Smallest Warthog in Africa. Tired of being teased by his bigger brothers and buy_from_fishpondsisters, he wishes things could be different. When Old Nyumbu the Wildebeest gives Ngiri a set of magic drums, he is sure his wish is about to come true. But all the animals of the jungle are in for a BIG surprise as Ngiri's wish is granted in a most unexpected way. In the end, the gentle message that inner beauty and change is more important than outer beauty rings true. In true Graeme Base style, there is an added surprise at the end of the book. Everything seems to be normal in the jungle, but look closely and you will see that none of the animals or the other creatures watching from the trees are quite the way they were when the book began. Look even closer, and you will also find Old Nyumbu the Wildebeest hidden somewhere on every spread. "Jungle Drums is a book to be read over and over again. More

Fiction for Younger Readers
Winner - Zac Power: Series - H.I.Larry

Zac Power - Thrill Ride
Zac Power - Thrill Ride
Zac Power
Zac Power
Zac Power - Horror House
Zac Power - Horror House
Zac Power - Overdrive
Zac Power - Overdrive
Zac Power Mega Mission - Moon Rider
Zac Power Mega Mission - Moon Rider
Zac Power Mega Mission - High Stakes
Zac Power Mega Mission - High Stakes

The Big Fat Cow That Goes Kapow

Honour Books
The Big Fat Cow That Goes Kapow - Andy Griffiths & Terry Denton - Cows in boats. Cows in suits. Big fat buy_from_fishpondcows in cowboy boots! Oh no - watch out! Don't look now! This one is an Exploding Cow. This is a collection of utterly wacky and irreverent rhyming poems and short stories. The cleverly simple, repetitive texts and literally explosive denouements will entice even the most reluctant child to keep on reading. Energetic line illustrations by Terry Denton. 'Udderly amazing!' - "The Moos of the World". More

Go Girl! Two sides: #1 Track Stars! - Kathy Castle & Danielle McDonald -
Track Stars! (Go Girl! Two Sides)
Go Girl! Two sides: #1 Track Stars! By Kathy Castlebuy_from_fishpond

There are two sides to every story, and when you're a nine year old trying to negotiate your relationships in the playground and class- room it's tough to see things from someone else's point of view. This new Go Girl series gives readers something new to chew on - one story with two very different points of view. Ages 6+ More

Fiction for Older Readers
Garden of the Purple Dragon Winner - Garden of the Purple Dragon - Carole Wilkinson - In the time of the Han Dynasty in ancient China, a young orphan struggles to fulfill her destiny. Ping has survived her days as a slave at Huangling Palace, but new challenges await her in the desolate mountains of Tai Shan. The aged dragon Danzi is gone, and now it is up to Ping to take care of the baby dragon, Kai. She does her best, but food is scarce, and she must be constantly on the lookout for her enemies. Things seem to get better when fate leads her back to the Imperial Palace, to the Garden of the Purple Dragon. Yet even within these hallowed walls, Ping and Kai are not as safe as they believe.
This story of adventure, action, friendship, and loyalty will have readers cheering for Ping and the young dragon as they embark on their journey of faith and courage.

Give Peas a ChanceHonour Books

Give Peas a Chance By Morris Gleitzman

buy_from_fishpondWhile Ginger and her dog, Anthony organise the ultimate party, Wilton the worm meets Aristotle the nose germ in an unexpected location and Ben tries to save the

Ranger's Apprentice:
Series - John Flanagan

Sorcerer in the North
Sorcerer in the North
Oakleaf Bearers
Oakleaf Bearers
The Icebound Land
The Icebound Land

Fiction for Years 7-9
The Wizard of RondoWinner-Wizard of Rondo By Emily Rodda

When Leo Zifkak inherited an antique music box from his stuffy great-aunt, he never expected that it might hide a buy_from_fishpondwondrous secret. The music box is the portal to a new world, Rondo. Leo's first visit to Rondo was to rescue his cousin, Mimi, and healmost lost his life. On his second visit, something much more important is at stake - his soul. There's a wizard missing and an innocent young man accused of his death. If Leo and Mimi are to right this wrong, they're going to have to risk everything... More


2008 COOL Winners- Nov 12th

Honour Books
Then - Morris Gleitzman
Tales of Deltora - Emily Rodda & Marc McBride

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Annie's Chair | Where is the Green Sheep? [Board book] | Just Shocking!

Picture  Book Winner: Annie's Chair by Deborah Niland
Honour Books: Where is the Green Sheep? [Board book] by Mem Fox and Judy Horacek and Rex by Ursula Dubosarsky and David Mackintosh

Younger Readers Winner: Just Shocking! by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton
Honour Books: Tashi and the Mixed-Up Monster Anna & Barbara Fienberg and Selby Shattered by Duncan Ball and Allan Stomann

| Tashi and the Mixed-Up Monster | Selby Shattered | The Key to Rondo (Key to Rondo)

Older Readers Winner: The Key to Rondo (Key to Rondo) by Emily Rodda
Honour Books: Boy Overboard by Morrris Gleitzman and Paul Jennings' Spookiest Stories by Paul Jennings

Fiction Years 7-9 Winner: Mao's Last Dancer by Li Cunxin
Honour Book: Dragon Moon by Carole Wilkinson

| Boy Overboard | Paul Jennings' Spookiest Stories| Rex

Koala's 2008 Shortlists

Picture Storybooks
Annie's Chair Niland, Deborah (Penguin)
Are We There Yet? Lester, Alison (Penguin)
Dimity Dumpty, Graham, Bob (Walker)
Dougal and Bumble and the Long Walk Home Dray, Matt Dray, Matt (Penguin)
Jungle Drums, Graeme Base, (Penguin)
Lucy's Cat and the Rainbow Birds Anthony Hill, ILLUSTRATED:. Tanner, Jane (Penguin)
Rex Dubosarsky, Ursula ILLUSTRATED:. Mackintosh, David Penguin
Uno's Garden , Graeme Base, (Penguin)
Where is the Green Sheep? Fox, Mem ILLUSTRATED:. Horacek, Judy (Penguin)

Are We There Yet? | Dimity Dumpty | Dougal and Bumble and the Long Walk Home | Jungle Drums | Lucy's Cat and the Rainbow Birds | Uno's Garden |

2008 Fiction for Younger Readers

4F for Freaks: Miss Corker's Revenge, Hobbs, Leigh Hobbs, A&U
Boyz Rule Set Series - Arena, Felice (Pan Macmillan)
Shark Bait (Extreme Adventures S.) Justin D’Ath (Penguin)
Just Shocking! Griffiths, Andy ILLUSTRATED: Denton, Terry (Macmillan)
Little Lunch Five Katz, Danny ILLUSTRATED: Vane, Mitch Black Dog Books
Scary Stories for Brave Boys and Girls Milne, Christopher (Milne Books)
Selby Shattered Ball, Duncan ILLUSTRATED: Stomann, Allan (Harper Collins)
Tashi and the Mixed-Up Monster Fienberg, Anna & Barbara Gamble, (A&U)
Tashi and the Stolen Bus Fienberg, Anna & Barbara Gamble, (A&U)
What Bumosaur is That? (purple book) Griffiths, Andy (Macmillan

| Shark Bait (Extreme Adventures S.) | Little Lunch Five | Scary Stories for Brave Boys and Girls | Tashi and the Stolen Bus | What Bumosaur is That? | Doubting Thomas | Specky Magee and the Spirit of the Game (Specky Magee S.)

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2008 Fiction for Older Readers
Boy Overboard Gleitzman, Morris (Penguin)
Doubting Thomas Gleitzman, Morris (Penguin)
Garden of the Purple Dragon (Dragonkeeper) Wilkinson, Carole (Black Dog Books)
Give Peas a Chance Gleitzman, Morris (Penguin)
Goat Who Sailed the World French, Jackie (Harper Collins)
Hitler's Daughter French, Jackie (Harper Collins)
The Key to Rondo (Key to Rondo), Emily (Scholastic Omnibus)
Lady Friday (Keys to the Kingdom S.) Nix, Garth (A&U)
Specky Magee and the Spirit of the Game (Specky Magee S.)Arena, Felice (Penguin)
Paul Jennings' Spookiest Stories, Jennings, Paul (Penguin)

Garden of the Purple Dragon (Dragonkeeper) | Give Peas a Chance | Goat Who Sailed the World |Hitler's Daughter | The Key to Rondo (Key to Rondo) | Lady Friday (Keys to the Kingdom S.)

2008 Fiction for Years 7 - 9
Cold Skin Herrick, Steven
Contest Reilly, Matthew
Dragon Moon Wilkinson, Carole
Evil Genius Jinks, Catherine
A Horse Called Elvis Heffernan, John
Hover Car Racer Reilly, Matthew
Ice Station Reilly, Matthew
Mao's Last Dancer Cunxin, Li
Runestone (Viking Magic S.)Ciddor, Anna
Scarecrow Reilly, Matthew

Cold Skin | Contest | Evil Genius | A Horse Called Elvis | Hover Car Racer | Runestone (Viking Magic S.)


Picture Book - Chatterbox by Margaret Wild & Deborah Niland

Younger Readers The Cat on the Mat is Flat-by Andy Griffiths & Terry Denton

Older Readers- Zombie Bums from Uranus by Andy Griffiths.

Top 10 gleitzman_morris
1. Annie's Chair by Deborah Niland
2. Zac Power S.)(series) by H.I. Larry
3.Are We There Yet?Alison Lester
4.Where is the Green Sheep?by Mem Fox & Judy Horacek
5. Rex by Ursula Dubosarsky & David Mackintosh
6.Boyz Rule!(series) by Felice Arena & Phil Kettle
7.Dog Den Mystery(Jack Russell Dog Detective) by Sally & Darrel Odgers
8.Tashi and the Stolen Bus (Tashi) by Anna & Barbara Fienberg & Kim Gamble
9. Max Remy (Spy Force S.) (series) by Deb Abela
10. Doubting Thomas Morris Gleitzman (right)

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Picture Book: Dougal the Garbage Dump Bear by Matt Dray

Younger Readers: Girlz Rock (series) by Julie Mullins, Shay Kettle, Jacqueline Arena, Holly Smith Dinbergs

Older Readers-Dragonkeeper: Garden of the Purple Dragon Carole Wilkinson

Top 10

Clancy the Courageous Cow by Lachie Hume
Where is the Green Sheep? Mem Fox & Judy Horecekare-we_there_yet_cover
Too Many Pears! by Jackie French & Bruce Whatley
Are We There Yet? by Alison Lester
Boyz Rule! (series) by Felice Arena & Phil Kettle
Tashi and the Forbidden Room: Bk. 12 by Anna & Barbara Fienberg & Kim Gamble
At the Beach: Postcards from Crabby Spit by Roland Harvey
Selby's Shemozzle by Duncan Ball & Allan Stomann
Boy Overboard by Morris Gleitzman
Dog Den Mystery by Sally & Darrel Odgers

Picture Book: Mutt Dog! Stephen Michael King
Younger Readers: Too cool series Phil Kettle & Craig Smith
Older Readers:The Bad Book by Andy Griffiths & Terry Denton

TOP 10
1. Baby Boomsticks by Margaret Wild & David Legge
bad-book2. There Once Was a Boy Called Tashi (Tashi) by Anna Fienberg, Barbara Fienberg & Kim Gamble
3. Kiss, Kiss! by Margaret Wild & Bridget Stevens-Marzo
4 .Boyz Rule! Series by Felice Arena & Phil Kettle
5. The Waterhole Graeme Base
6. Pete the Sheep-Sheep Jackie French & Bruce Whatley
7. Jungle Drums Graeme Base
8. Henry & Amy Stephen Michael King
9. Little Humpty Margaret Wild & Ann James
10. Zombie Bums from Uranus by Andy Griffiths

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Animalia Graeme Base 1988 Secondary
Bamboozled David Legge 1996 Picture Book
Billy the punk Jessica Carroll & Craig Smith 1997 Picture Book
marsden_johnCool School: You Make it Happen (Juvenile Fiction S.) John Marsden (the ever popular John Marsden left)1998 Senior Book
Deltora Quest (series 1) Emily Rodda & Marc McBride 2002 Younger Readers
Deltora Quest (series 3) Emily Rodda & Marc McBride 2004 Younger Readers
Desert Dan the dunny man Di Bates & Stephen Axelsen 1999 Junior Book
Diary of a Wombat Jackie French & Bruce Whatley 2003 Picture Book
Duck for cover Paul Jennings,Ted Greenwood & Terry Denton 1995 Infants/primary
Gasp! Terry Denton 1996 Junior Book
Grandad's teeth Rod Clement 1999 Picture Book
Hating Alison Ashley Ashley Robin Klein 1987 Secondary
Just Annoying! Andy Griffiths & Terry Denton 1999 Senior Book
Just Crazy! Andy Griffiths & Terry Denton 2001 Older Readers
Just Disgusting! Andy Griffiths & Terry Denton 2003 Older Readers
Just Stupid! Andy Griffiths & Terry Denton 2000 Senior Book
Just Tricking! Andy Griffiths & Terry Denton 2002 Older Readers
Looking for Alibrandi Melina Marchetta 1993 Secondary
Max Bob Graham 2001 Picture Book
Miss Wolf and the Porkers (Aussie bites) Bill Condon 2001 Younger Readers
Old Tom: Man of Mystery Leigh Hobbs 2004 Picture Book
People Might Hear You Robin Klein 1992 Secondary
Pocket Dogs Margaret Wild & Stephen Michael King 2002 Picture Book
Possum Magic Mem Fox & Julie Vivas 1987 Infants/primaryold_tom_man_of_mystery_cover
Selby Snowbound Duncan Ball & Allan Stomann 2000 Junior Book
Selby Spacedog Duncan Ball & Allan Stomann 1997 Junior Book
Selby Speaks Duncan Ball & Allan Stomann 1998 Junior Book
Sharon, keep your hair on Gillian Rubinstein & David Mackintosh 2000 Picture Book
Sister Madge's Book of Nuns Doug McLeod & Craig Smith 1988 Infants/primary
So Much to Tell You John Marsden 1989 Secondary
The Big Big Big Book of Tashi (Tashi), Anna Fienberg, Barbara Fienberg& Kim Gamble 2003 Younger Readers
Snugglepot and Cuddlepie
May Gibbs 1988 Bicentennial Award

The Eleventh Hour Graeme Base 1989 Infants/primary
The Midnight Gang Margaret Wild & Ann James 1998 Picture Book
The Power of One Bryce Countenay 1995 Secondary
The Red King (Puffin books)Victor Kelleher 1991 Secondary
Tomorrow, When the War Began John Marsden 1995 Secondary
Truckdogs Graeme Base

2004 Older Readers
Unbearable!: More Bizarre Stories Paul Jennings 1993 Infants/primary
Unbelievable!: More Surprising Stories Paul Jennings 1991 Infants/primary
Undone!: More Mad Endings Paul Jennings 1994 Infants/primary
Undone!: More Mad Endings Paul Jennings 1996 Senior Book
Unmentionable!: More Amazing Stories Paul Jennings 1992 Infants/primary
Unreal!: Eight Surprising Stories Paul Jennings 1990 Secondary
Water Wings
Morris Gleitzman 1997 Senior Book
Where the Forest Meets the Sea Jeannie Baker 1990 Infants/primary

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