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Stratford Upon Avon Literary Festival Tuesday, 28th April - Monday 4th May, 2009

The former deputy leader of the Labour Party, Roy Hattersley is one of Britains most prolific writers.
The author of both fiction and non fiction Roy has also written for nearly all the newspapers in the Country.

Yorkshire born and bred, he studied Economics and was elected to Sheffield Council at a record breaking age of 23. At 30 Roy was elected to Parliament where he was a rising star and quickly he became Minister of various departments.

Appointed a Privy Counciller in 1975, he joined the cabinet in 1976 as Secretary of State for Prices and Consumer Affairs and was elected Deputy leader of Labour in 1983. Although granted a peerage Roy prefers only to use the title when on House of Lords Business.

With his dry Yorkshire humour he is a highly entertaining speaker and accomplished writer.


Borrowed Time: the Story of Britain Between the Wars (2007) ISBN 0316730327

The Edwardians: Biography of the Edwardian Age (2004) ISBN 0-316-72537-4

The Life of John Wesley: A Brand from the Burning (2002) ISBN 978-0-385-50334-1

Buster's Diaries (1999) ISBN 0-7515-2917-6

Blood and Fire: William and Catherine Booth and the Salvation Army (1999) ISBN 0-316-85161-2

50 Years on: Prejudiced History of Britain Since the War (1997) ISBN 0-316-87932-0

No Discouragement: An Autobiography (1996) ISBN 0-333-64957-5

Who Goes Home?: Scenes from a Political Life (1995) ISBN 0-316-87669-0

Between Ourselves (1994) ISBN 0-330-32574-4

Skylark's Song (1993) ISBN 0-333-55608-9

In That Quiet Earth (1993) ISBN 0-330-32303-2

The Maker's Mark (1990) ISBN 0-333-47032-X

Choose Freedom: Future of Democratic Socialism (1987) ISBN 0-14-010494-1

A Yorkshire Boyhood (1983) ISBN 0-7011-2613-2

Press Gang (1983) ISBN 0-86051-205-3

Goodbye to Yorkshire (1976) ISBN 0-575-02201-

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