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Morris Gleitzman was born in Sleaford, Lincolnshire, in 1953, moved to London, and emigrated to Australia in 1969. He studied journalism, and worked as a screenwriter for television comedy for ten years, becoming one of Australia's best-known television writers, also writing a number of feature films and screenplays.

His first book, The Other Facts of Life (1987), started out as a screenplay which he turned into a novel. It was followed by several other books for children, including Two Weeks with the Queen (1989); Misery Guts (1991); and Blabber Mouth (1993), all of which have been adapted for the stage by Mary Morris. His book Water Wings (1997) was also adapted and performed by Mary-Anne Fahey. Worry Warts (1992) and Second Childhood (1995) have had further adaptations and successful stage tours, and an adaptation of Boy Overboard (2002), the tale of an Afghan Child refugee's journey to Australia, was produced by the Australian Theatre for Young People in 2005. He is known for his tough subjects, presented in a humorous and offbeat style.

His Wicked! series of six books, written with Paul Jennings, are now collected as Totally Wicked! (1999).

His latest book is Give Peas a Chance (2008). Then is due to be published in 2009.

Morris Gleitzman is also a well-known columnist. He has written regularly for the Sydney Morning Herald, The Melbourne Age, and for Young Telegraph.


The Other Facts of Life   Puffin, 1987

Two Weeks with the Queen   Blackie, 1989

Misery Guts   Blackie, 1991

Worry Warts   (illustrated by J. Levers)   Blackie, 1992

Blabber Mouth   Pan Macmillan Children's Books, 1993

Sticky Beak   Pan Macmillan Children's Books, 1994

Puppy Fat   Piper, 1995

Second Childhood   Puffin, 1995

Belly Flop   Pan Macmillan Children's Books, 1996

Water Wings   Pan Macmillan Children's Books, 1997

Bumface   Viking, 1998

Wicked!: The Slobberers   (with Paul Jennings)   Puffin, 1998

Wicked!: Battering Rams   (with Paul Jennings)   Puffin, 1998

Wicked!: Croaked   (Paul Jennings)   Puffin, 1998

Wicked!: Dead Ringer   (Paul Jennings)   Puffin, 1998

Wicked!: The Creeper   (Paul Jennings)   Puffin, 1998

Wicked!: Till Death Us Do Part   (Paul Jennings)   Puffin, 1998

Gift of the Gab   Viking, 1999

Totally Wicked!   (with Paul Jennings; contents: 'The Slobberers'; 'Battering Rams'; 'Croaked'; 'Dead Ringer'; 'The Creeper'; 'Till Death Us Do Part')   Puffin, 1999

Self Helpless   Penguin, 2000

Toad Rage   Puffin, 2000

Adults Only   Viking, 2001

Deadly!   Puffin, 2001

Boy Overboard   Puffin, 2002

Toad Heaven   Puffin, 2003

Teacher's Pet   Puffin, 2004

Toad Away   Puffin, 2004

Girl Underground   Puffin, 2005

Worm Story   Puffin, 2005

Aristotle's Nostril   Puffin, 2006

Once   Puffin, 2006

Doubting Thomas   Puffin, 2007

Give Peas a Chance   Puffin, 2008

Then   Puffin, 2009

Prizes and awards

1992   Children's Book Council of Australia Book of the Year Award: Younger Readers   (shortlist)   Misery Guts

1993   Bilby Award (Australia)   Blabber Mouth

1993   Children's Book Council of Australia Book of the Year Award: Younger Readers   (shortlist)   Blabber Mouth

1993   CROW Award (Australia)   Blabber Mouth

1994   CROW Award (Australia)   Sticky Beak

1997   COOL Award (Australia)   Belly Flop

1998   Bilby Award (Australia)   Bumface

1998   COOL Award (Australia)   Bumface

1998   KOALA Award (Australia)   (shortlist)   Bumface

1998   YABBA Award (Australia)   Bumface

2001   YABBA Award: Older Readers (Australia)   Toad Rage




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