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blackman_malorieMalorie Blackman was born in 1962. She qualified in Computer Science and followed a successful career in computing, before becoming a writer at the age of 28. Her first published book was Not So Stupid! (1990), a book of short stories. Since then she has written many books and scripts, and her popularity has steadily grown. Her scripts for television include several episodes of Byker Grove, Whizziwig and Pig-Heart Boy, and she has also written original dramas for CITV and BBC Education. Her stage play, The Amazing Birthday, was performed in 2002.

She writes for all ages of children. Her picture books include I Want a Cuddle! (2001) and Jessica Strange (2002) and she has written many reader books for early and more confident readers. Her novels include: Hacker (1992); the story of Vicky, who saves her father from being wrongly convicted of stealing from the bank after hacking into the bank’s computer to solve the crime herself; Thief! (1995), about a child who is transported into the future after being accused of a crime she did not commit; and Pig-Heart Boy (1997), the diary of 13-year-old Cameron, who needs a heart transplant. The latter book and its subsequent adaptation as a series for television won several awards, including a BAFTA for best children’s drama in 2000.

Malorie Blackman's most well-known books for young adults are: Noughts & Crosses (2001); Knife Edge (2004); and Checkmate (2005) – which form the Noughts & Crosses Trilogy, the tale of two teenagers, Callum and Sephy.  In 2004, she also wrote a novel entirely in verse, Cloud Busting (2004), which won a Nestlé Smarties Book Prize (Silver Award) the same year.

Malorie Blackman lives in Kent. In 2007 she collected stories and poems for the book Unheard Voices, commemorating the bicentenary anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade. Her latest books are The Stuff of Nightmares (2007) and Double Cross (2008), Jessica Strange (2008). She was awarded an OBE in 2008


Not So Stupid!   Women's Press, 1990

Elaine, You're a Brat!   Orchard, 1991

Girl Wonder and the Terrific Twins   (illustrated by Pat Ludlow)   Gollancz, 1991

That New Dress   (illustrated by Rhian Nest James)   Simon & Schuster, 1991

Betsey Biggalow is Here!   (illustrated by Lis Toft)   Piccadilly, 1992

Betsey Biggalow, the Detective   (illustrated by Lis Toft)   Piccadilly, 1992

Girl Wonder's Winter Adventures   (illustrated by Lis Toft)   Gollancz, 1992

Hacker   Doubleday, 1992

Trust Me   Women's Press, 1992

Betsey Biggalow: Hurricane Betsey   (illustrated by Lis Toft)   Piccadilly, 1993

Crazy Crocs   (with Alexander McCall Smith and Sally-Ann Lever)   Longman, 1994

Girl Wonder to the Rescue   (illustrated by Lis Toft)   Gollancz, 1994

Magic Betsey!   (illustrated by Lis Toft)   Piccadilly, 1994

My Friend's a Gris-Quok   (illustrated by Philip Hopman)   Scholastic, 1994

Rachel and the Difference Thief   (illustrataed by Kim Harley)   Longman, 1994

Rachel versus Bonecrusher the Mighty   Longman, 1994

Jack Sweettooth the 73rd   Viking, 1995

Mrs Spoon's Family   (illustrated by Jan McCafferty)   Andersen Press, 1995

Operation Gadgetman!   Yearling, 1995

The Space Stowaway   Ginn, 1995

Thief!   Doubleday, 1995

Whizziwig   (illustrated by Stephen Lee)   Viking, 1995

A.N.T.I.D.O.T.E   Doubleday, 1996

Betsey Biggalow: Betsey's Birthday Surprise   (illustrated by Lis Toft)   Piccadilly, 1996

Grandma Gertie's Haunted Handbag   (illustrated by David Price)   Heinemann, 1996

Peril on Planet Pellia   (illustrated by Patrice Aggs)   Orchard, 1996

The Mellion Moon Mystery   (illustrated by Patrice Aggs)   Orchard, 1996

The Quasar Quartz Quest   (illustrated by Patrice Aggs)   Orchard, 1996

The Secret of the Terrible Hand   (illustrated by Patrice Aggs)   Orchard, 1996

Computer Ghost   Hippo, 1997

Don't Be Afraid   Ginn, 1997

Out of This World   (contributor; includes 'Contact' short story)   Dolphin, 1997

Pig-Heart Boy   Doubleday, 1997

Space Race   (illustrated by Colin Mier)   Corgi, 1997

Aesop's Fables   (retold with illustrations by Patrice Aggs)   Scholastic, 1998

Fangs   (illustrated by Tony Blundell)   Orchard, 1998

Lie Detectives   Hippo, 1998

Words Last Forever   Mammoth, 1998

Animal Avengers   (illustrated by Stik)   Mammoth, 1999

Dangerous Reality   Doubleday, 1999

Dizzy's Wak   (illustrated by Pamela Venus)   Tamarind, 1999

Forbidden Game   Puffin, 1999

Hostage   (illustrated by Derek Brazell)   Barrington Stoke, 1999

Marty Monster   (illustrated by Kim Harley)   Tamarind, 1999

Peacemaker and Other Stories   (illustrated by Peter Richardson and David Hine)   Heinemann Educational, 1999

Whizziwig Returns   (illustrated by Stephen Lee)   Puffin, 1999

Tell Me No Lies   McMillan Children's Books, 2000

Anansi and the Rubber Man   Longman, 2001

I Want a Cuddle!   (illustrated by Joanne Partis)   Orchard, 2001

Noughts & Crosses   Doubleday, 2001

Snow Dog   (illustrated by Sami Sweeten)   Corgi, 2001

Dead Gorgeous   Doubleday, 2002

Jessica Strange   (with Alison Bartlett)   Hodder Children's Books, 2002

The Monster Crisp-Guzzler   (illustrated by Sami Sweeten)   Corgi, 2002

An Eye for an Eye   (novella)   Corgi, 2003

Sinclair Wonder Bear   (illustrated by Deborah Allwright)   Egmont, 2003

The Amazing Adventures of Girl Wonder   (illustrated by Lis Toft)   Barn Owl, 2003

Cloud Busting   Doubleday, 2004

Knife Edge   Doubleday, 2004

Checkmate   Doubleday, 2005

Operation Gadgetman!   Corgi, 2005

The Deadly Dare Mysteries   (contents: 'Deadly Dare'; 'Computer Ghost';, 'Lie Detectives'; illustrated by Neil Chapman)   Random House Children's Books, 2005

Whizziwig and Whizziwig Returns   (re-published in one volume)   Random House Children's Books, 2005

The Big Book of Betsey Biggalow   (omnibus)   Barn Owl Books, 2007

The Stuff of Nightmares   Doubleday, 2007

Unheard Voices   (editor)   Corgi, 2007

Double Cross   Doubleday, 2008

Jack Sweettooth   Corgi, 2008

Jessica Strange   (illustrated by Mark Hearld)   Hodder Children's Books, 2008

The Bumper Book of Betsey Biggalow   (omnibus)   Barn Owl Books, 2008

Prizes and awards

1994   WH Smith Mind-Boggling Book Award   Hacker

1994   Young Telegraph/Gimme 5 Children's Book of the Year Award   Hacker

1996   Young Telegraph/Fully Booked Children's Book of the Year Award   Thief!

1997   Excelle/Write Thing Children's Author of the Year Award

1997   Stockport Children's Book Award   (Key Stage 3)   A.N.T.I.D.O.T.E

1998   Carnegie Medal   (shortlist)   Pig-Heart Boy

1998   UKRA Award   Pig-Heart Boy

1999   Wirral Children's Book of the Year Award   Pig-Heart Boy

2000   BAFTA   (best drama)   Pig-Heart Boy

2000   Race and Media Best Drama Award   Pig-Heart Boy

2000   Royal Television Society Award (Children's Drama)   Pig-Heart Boy

2000   Stockport Children's Book Award   (Key Stage 4)   Tell Me No Lies

2001   Chicago TV Festival   (shortlist)   Pig-Heart Boy

2001   Prix Danube Children's Jury Prize   Pig-Heart Boy

2002   Children's Book Award   Noughts & Crosses

2002   Lancashire County Library Children's Book of the Year Award   Noughts & Crosses

2002   Sheffield Children's Book Award   Noughts & Crosses

2003   Wirral Children's Book of the Year Award   Noughts & Crosses

2004   Fantastic Fiction Award   Noughts & Crosses

2004   Nestlé Smarties Book Prize (Silver Award)   (6-8 years category)   Cloud Bursting

2008   OBE

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