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Abela, Deborah

Adamson, Robert

Adelaide, Deborah

Adams, Gerry

Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi

Adiga, Aravind

Adie, Kate

Agbabi, Patience

Ahmad, Imran

Ali, Monica

Ali, Tariq

Amis, Martin

Anam, Tahmima

Anderson, M.T.

Arena, Felice

Armitage, Simon

Ashdown, Paddy

Attenborough, David

Atkinson, Kate

Aust, Stefan

Aw, Tash

Ayres, Pam

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Bainbridge, Beryl

Bakewell, Joan

Bancks, Tristan

Banville, John

Barry, Sebastian

Bennett, Alan

Billingham, Mark

Bissett, Alan

Black, Benjamen

Blackman, Malorie

Blair, Cherie

Boyn, John

Boyt, Susie

Bragg, Melvyn

Brooks, David

Brown, Mick


Carson, Ciaran

Child, Lee

Chown, Marcus

Clark, Sherryl

Cole, Steve

Connelly, Michael

Cope, Wendy

Crick, Mark

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Dalyrymple, William

Dawkins, Richard

de Bernieres, Louis

de Botton, Alain

Delahunt, Meaghan

Diaz, Junot

Dunmore, Helen

Drabble, Margaret

Drewe, Robert


Edmonds, Martin


Faber, Michael

Fiennes, William

Finch, Peter

Fox, Mem

Freeman, Hadley

George Friedman (US)


Gale, Patrick

Gillis, Alan

Gleitzman, Morris

Golding, Julia

Grant, Linda

Grenville, Kate

Griffiths, Andy

Gunn, Kirsty

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Hall, Sarah

Hannah, Sophie

Hamid, Moshin

Hamilton, Clive

Hanif, Mohammed

Harris, Alex

Hartnett, Sonya

Hattersley, Roy

Hensher, Philip

Hemming, Henry

Hillman, Robert

Hodgkinson, Will

Horowitz, Anthony



James, PD

Janice, Galloway

Jay, Mike

Johnston, Jennifer

Jones, Lloyd

Jones, Sadie

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Kay, Jackie

Kelman. James

Kennedy, AL

Kohli Singh, Hardeep

Kureishi, Hanif


Lawrence, Caroline

le, Nam

Leigh, Julie

Litt, Toby

Lively, Penelope

Lloyd Jones


MacCaffrey, Kate

MacLeod, Ken

Macneacail, Aonghas

Manhire, Bill

McAbe, Patrick

McCall-Smith, Alexander

Mccarthy, Maureen

McDermid, Val

McEwan, Ian

McMillan, Ian

Meek, James

Morpurgo, Michael

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Nam le

Nix, Garth


O' Brien, Edna

Okri, Ben

Ottley, Matt


Parini, Jay

Paterson, Don

Picardie, Justine

Pierre, DBC

Pretor-Pinney, Gavin

Pratchett, Terry


Raisin, Ross

Rankin, Ian

Reeve, Philip

Riach, Alan

Richardson, Tim

Rodda, Emily

Rosen, Michael

Rosoff, Meg

Rose, Dilys

Rowe, Jennifer

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Sinclair, Iain

Singer, Peter

Summers, Anne

Summerscale, Kate

Starkey, David

Street-Porter, Janet

Swift, Graham


Taylor, DJ

Tei, Chiew-Sai

Theroux, Marcel

Thompson, Alice

Tredinncik, Mark

Tremain, Rose

Trezise, Rachel

Trollope, Joanna

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Vargas Llosa, Mario


Walters, Sarah

Waugh, Alexander

Weir, Alison

Welsh, Irvine

Wilkinson, Carole

Winterson, Jeanette

Wright, Karen


Zephaniah, Benjamin

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Bibiographical details of authors have been obtained from various sources in the public domain, but we would particularly like to acknowledge the British Council and it's data-base of contemporary writers.

Acknowledgement also to the omnipresent Wiki.

If you are an author or poet, or their representative and would like a profile page posted on this site please email details with biography, bibliography, festival appearances booked, links to video clips if available and prizes and awards if applicable. If you are an author or poet , or represent one and would like to make amendments, or for us to take-down the profile, then please email details.