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The Florida Book Awards, is coordinated by the Florida State University Program in American & Florida Studies -- and co-sponsored by the Florida Center for the Book, the State Library and Archives of Florida, the Florida Historical Society, the Florida Humanities Council, the Florida Literary Arts Coalition, the Florida Library Association, “Just Read, Florida!,” the Governor’s Family Literacy Initiative, the Florida Association for Media in Education, the Florida Center for the Literary Arts, Friends of the Florida State University Libraries, and the Florida Chapter of the Mystery Writers of America.

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2009 Florida Book Award Winners - March 2010


Gold Medal Winner: Joan Hiatt Harlow, Secret of the Night Ponies


Gold Medal Winner: Jack E. Davis, An Everglades Providence: Marjory Stoneman Douglas and the American Environmental Century

Silver Medal Winner: Carlton Ward Jr., Florida Cowboys

Bronze Medal Winner: Todd T. Turrell, Naples Waterfront – Changes in Time


Gold Medal Winner: N M Kelby, A Travel Guide for Reckless Hearts

Silver Medal Winner: Janet Burroway, Bridge of Sand

Bronze Medal Winner: Ana Menendez, The Last War

Bronze Medal Winner: A. Manette Ansay, Good Things I Wish You

Bronze Medal Winner: Michael Lister, Double Exposure


Gold Medal Winner: Campbell McGrath, Shannon

Silver Medal Winner: Denise Duhamel, Ka-Ching!

Bronze Medal Winner: Jesse Millner, Neighborhoods of My Past Sorrow

Bronze Medal Winner: Peter Meinke, Lines from Neuchatel


Gold Medal Winner: Glynn Marsh Alam, Moon Water Madness

Silver Medal Winner: Diane A. S. Stuckart, Portrait of a Lady: A Leonardo DaVinci Mystery

Bronze Medal Winner: Jonathon King, The Styx

Bronze Medal Winner: Chris Kuzneski, The Lost Throne

Bronze Medal Winner: Tim Dorsey, Nuclear Jellyfish


Gold Medal Winner: Juan Cueto-Roig, Veintiún cuentos concisos

Silver Medal Winner: José Alvarez, Frank País y la revolución cubana


Gold Medal Winner: Alex Sanchez, Bait

Silver Medal Winner: Rick Yancey, The Monstrumologist

2008 Florida Book Award Winners

Book Design

Gold Medal Winner:
Emmett H.L. Snellings, Jr. - Seminole Views

Children's Literature

Gold Medal Winner:
Susan Womble - Newt's World:Beginnings
Silver Medal Winner:
Donna Gephart - As If Being 12 3/4 Isn't Bad Enough, My Mother Is Running For President
Bronze Medal Winner:
Loreen Leedy - Missing Math: A Number Mystery

Florida Nonfiction

Gold Medal Winner:
Shawn Bean - The First Hollywood
Silver Medal Winner:
John Stuart And John Stack, Eds. - The New Deal in South Florida
Bronze Medal Winner:
Rodney Hurst - It was Never about a Hot Dog and a Coke
Jeff Klinkenberg - Pilgrim in a Land of Alligators
Greg Turner - A Journey into Florida Railroad History

General Fiction

Gold Medal Winner:
John Dufresne - Requiem, Mass.
Silver Medal Winner:
Tony D'Souza - The Konkans
Bronze Medal Winner:
Kristy Kiernan - Matters of Faith
Debra Dean - Confessions of a Falling Woman

Genre Fiction

Gold Medal Winner:
Deborah And Joel Shlian - Rabbit in the Moon
Silver Medal Winner:
Lisa Unger - Black Out
Bronze Medal Winner:
James Swain - The Night Stalker
Patrick Kendrick - Papa's Problem
Martha Powers - Conspiracy of Silence


Gold Medal Winner:
David Kirby - The Temple Gate Called Beautiful
Silver Medal Winner:
Campbell McGrath - Seven Notebooks
Bronze Medal Winner:
Terri Witek - The Shipwreck Dress
Frank Giampietro - Begin Anywhere
Helen Pruitt Wallace - Shimming The Glass House (Ashland Poetry Press)

Spanish Language Book

Gold Medal Winner:
Antonio Orlando Rodriguez - Chiquita
Silver Medal Winner:
Jose Alvarez - Principio y fin del mito fidelista

Young Adult Literature

Gold Medal Winner:
John Tkac - Whispers from the Bay
Silver Medal Winner:
Anne E. Ake - Everglades: An Ecosystem Facing Choices and Challenges
Bronze Medal Winner:
Julie Gonzalez - Imaginary Enemy


    2007 Florida Book Award Winners


    Gold Medal Winner: Thomas B. Cavanagh, ‘Head Games’
    Silver Medal Winner: James W. Hall, ‘Magic City’
    Bronze Medal Winners: Mary Anna Evans, ‘Effigies’; Bob Morris, ‘Bermuda Schwartz’; and Rhonda Poller, ‘Knock Off’


    Gold Medal Winner: Cynthia Barnett, ‘Mirage: Florida and the Vanishing Water of the Eastern U.S’
    Silver Medal Winner: Bruce Hunt, ‘Florida Then & Now’
    Bronze Medal Winners: Sudye Cauthen, ‘Southern Comforts: Rooted in a Florida Place’and Elna Green, ‘Looking for the New Deal’


    Gold Medal Winner: David Kirby, ‘House on Boulevard Street’
    Silver Medal Winner: Reginald Shepherd, ‘Fata Morgana’
    Bronze Medal Winner: Julianna Baggott, ‘Compulsions of Silkworms and Bees’


    Gold Medal Winner: Adrian Fogelin, ‘The Sorta Sisters’
    Silver Medal Winner: N.E. Bode, ‘The Slippery Map’
    Bronze Medal Winner: Ruth Vander Zee, ‘Eli Remembers’


    Gold Medal Winner: Tracy A. Akers, ‘The Search for the Unnamed One’
    Silver Medal Winner: Edward Bloor, ‘Taken’
    Bronze Medal Winner: Crissa-Jean Chappell, ‘Total Constant Order’


    Gold Medal Winner: Enid Shomer, ‘Tourist Season’
    Silver Medal Winner: Leonard Nash, ‘You Can’t Get There from Here’
    Bronze Medal Winners: Diana Abu-Jaber, ‘Origin’ and Uthaya Kumar, ‘Ticket to the Moon’

  • 2006 Florida Book Award Winners


    • Gold Medal Winner: Tony D’Souza, Whiteman. (Harcourt)
    • Silver Medal Winner: Carl Hiaasen, Nature Girl. (Knopf)
    • Bronze Medal Winner: Elizabeth Dewberry, His Lovely Wife. (Harcourt)

    • Gold Medal Winner: Michael Grunwald, The Swamp: The Everglades, Florida, and the Politics of Paradise (Simon & Schuster)
    • Silver Medal Winner: Daniel S. Murphree, Constructing Floridians, Natives, and Europeans in the Colonial Floridas, 1513-1783 (University Press of Florida)
    • Bronze Medal Winners: Bill Belleville, Losing It All to Sprawl (University Press of Florida) and
    • Martin A. Dyckman, Floridian of His Century: The Courage of Governor LeRoy Collins (University Press of Florida) and
    • J. Stanley Marshall, The Tumultuous Sixties: Campus Unrest and Student Life at a Southern University (Sentry)

    • Gold Medal Winner: Daina Chaviano, La Isla De Los Amores Infinitos (Random House)

    • Gold Medal Winner: James Kimbrell, My Psychic (Sarabande)
    • Silver Medal Winner: Jay Hopler, Green Squall (Yale University Press)
    • Bronze Medal Winners: Kelle Groom, Luckily (Anhinga Press) and
    • Peter Meinke, The Contracted World (University Press of Pittsburgh)

    • Gold Medal Winner: Adrian Fogelin, The Real Question (Peachtree)
    • Silver Medal Winner: Joyce Sweeney, Headlock (Henry Holt)
    • Bronze Medal Winners: Caridad Ferrer, Adios to My Old Life (Simon & Schuster) and
    • Tracy A. Akers, The Fire and the Light (Ruadora)


    • Gold Medal Winner: N.E. Bode, The Somebodies. (Harper Collins)
    • Silver Medal Winner: Laurie Friedman, In the Business of Mallory. Illus. Barbara Pollak. (Lerner)


    • Gold Medal Winner: James O. Born, Escape Clause (Putnam)
    • Silver Medal Winner: Ward Larsen, The Perfect Assassin (Oceanview)
    • Bronze Medal Winners: M.D. Abrams, Murder and Wakulla Springs (Bango Booklocker) and
    • Randy Wayne White, Dark Light (G.P. Putnam) and
    • Brad Meltzer, The Book of Fate (Warner)

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